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How do you make the very most of your time here in the Lowcountry? Spend it on the fish-filled rivers where you'll learn all there is about river life aboard:

-The XPlor 24 Andros bay boat provides a little more room for both spin or fly trips that can easily accommodate 4 passengers. Trips with 5-6 passengers will incur a 10% (of the base price) surcharge per additional passenger. Charter prices include icy coolers, your fishing license(s) and all the bait/tackle needed for a great trip!

A 48-hour cancellation policy will be in effect once your trip is booked. Unless Captain Jason calls the trip due to severe weather conditions, you'll be charged the full cost of the trip unless cancelled outside of the 48-hour window. It's just business, folks and a man has to feed his family... you get it.

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